NVIDIA 2025 AI Accelerator Card to Feature R Prefix in Honor of Vera Rubin

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NVIDIA's upcoming B100 GPU, based on the Blackwell architecture, has garnered attention for its successor architecture expected in 2025. This new architecture will be named after Vera Rubin and will be associated with the 'R' prefix, according to sources.

The renowned leaker, Kopite, has revealed that the forthcoming GPUs succeeding Blackwell's B100 and GB200 will carry the designations R100 and GR200. Initially, it was suggested that the successor GPUs would employ the 'X' prefix, but the latest information points to the utilization of the 'R' prefix instead. The choice of 'R' as the prefix pays homage to Vera Rubin, often referred to as the "Mother of Dark Matter." Vera Rubin, formerly known as Vera Cooper, was an American astronomer celebrated for her groundbreaking research on galaxy rotation speeds. Her work notably highlighted the discrepancy between observed galaxy rotation speeds and the predictions of existing theories, a phenomenon now known as the galaxy rotation problem.


Vera Rubin's contributions to astrophysics extend to her pivotal role in the pursuit of evidence for dark matter. Within the scientific community, she is esteemed for her research on galaxy rotation, dark matter, and the Rubin-Ford effect. In summary, NVIDIA's 2025 AI accelerator card, represented by the 'R' prefix, serves as a tribute to Vera Rubin, an influential figure in the field of astronomy, particularly for her significant contributions to our understanding of dark matter and the mysteries of the cosmos.

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