Next gen Playstation to get 8-core Zen2, Navi and 8K Support

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A bunch of info on the next-gen PlayStation console from Sony has surfaced on the web by Mark Cerny, chief architect of Playstation 4. he shared a few words that the hardware of the new console should get would be AMD based for the bigger part and includes Zen2 and Navi.

Sony sees a future in raytraced games well, Raytracing will get supported on the console. Cerny calls this the biggest change in years for gaming hardware. It is still unknown whether it will be hardware-based ray tracing, where there are physical dedicated cores - such as Nvidia's RTX cards. Raytracing is also possible through software but places a hefty toll on the processor.

The Playstation will get a Zen 2 architecture based processor with 8 cores, and a GPU  based on Navi (the 2019 equivalent to Polaris). Over at Wired they say it will have an SSD - as well. According to Cerny, this is a special SSD with more bandwidth than any available SSD for PCs. It is therefore probably a NAND memory that is soldered to the motherboard making the best use of speedy interconnects and thus lower latency as well.

In a demo a 4K TV was used, however, the console would also support 8K. Cerny was very unclear about what the console will be called, and unfortunately, the console will not end up on the shelves in 2019 either. An explanation for this could be that developers need the time to implement raytracing in their games and yeah, they will need the actual hardware ready as well.

Next gen Playstation to get 8-core Zen2, Navi and 8K Support

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