MSI's Z68 (G3)/H61 (G3) Series Mobo support Intel 22 nm Processors

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Great news for the ones that bought a MSI's Z68 (G3)/H61 (G3) Series Mobo as these motherboards will support Intel 22 nm Processors.

MSI announces today that MSI's Z68 (G3)/H61 (G3) series of motherboards offers official support of Intel's next-generation CPU based on the 22 nm manufacturing process. Users can download the corresponding BIOS listed below at no charge to upgrade their existing MSI Intel Z68/H61 motherboard, allowing a full experience of superior performance and powerful features found on the next-generation 22 nm Intel CPU.

MSI G3 motherboards also fully support the latest PCI Express Gen 3 specification, reaching twice the current bandwidth and maximizing performance from next-generation PCI Express Gen 3 video cards. Via MSI's unique intelligent update tool - Live Update - your computer will automatically download and update the latest BIOS for next-generation CPU compatibility, providing an immediate upgrade without spending extra money on a new motherboard purchase.

MSI motherboard features several models that allows usage of Intel's next-generation 22 nm processor. Additionally, MSI's Intel Z68 (G3)/H61 (G3) series of motherboards fully complies with next-generation PCI Express Gen 3 design specifications. All that is required by the user is a simple update to the newest BIOS via MSI's proprietary Live Update tool, and next-generation 22 nm CPU support is instantly available. Additionally, up to 32 GB/s of amazing bandwidth and support for next-generation PCI Express Gen 3 graphics cards is unlocked, enhancing the enthusiast's ultimate performance experience.



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