MSI VIGOR GK50 Elite TKL: Mechanical Keyboard with Kailh Switch Options

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The MSI VIGOR GK50 Elite TKL keyboard incorporates three mechanical key switch options, namely Kailh Blue, Kailh Red, and Kailh Box White. These variations enable users, particularly gamers, to choose a switch type that best matches their specific gaming feedback and accuracy needs. With capabilities like 6+N Key Rollover and full anti-ghosting, the GK50 Elite TKL ensures accurate keypress registration, even under high-intensity gaming situations. 

The keyboard's construction utilizes high-quality aerospace-grade materials complemented by a durable metal frame, making it resilient to heavy gaming use. Prioritizing efficient space utilization, the Tenkeyless layout of the GK50 Elite TKL results in a reduced footprint, allowing users more room for mouse activities and an optimized desktop environment. This layout suits both gaming and professional requirements, emphasizing space efficiency. Enhancing its design, the keyboard comes with a sturdy Type-C to Type-A braided cable, which is detachable, aiding in organized cable setups. The adjustable feet of the keyboard provide three inclination angles—0°, 3°, and 7°—giving users the flexibility to adjust for comfort during extended use.

In terms of functionality, the GK50 Elite TKL boasts a robust macro key and per-key RGB lighting customization feature. Users can adapt gaming setups according to their preferences, with configurations manageable through the MSI Center software. These setups can be saved directly onto the keyboard's three onboard memory profiles.

Additional user-friendly accessories packaged with the keyboard include a drawstring bag facilitating portability, a keycap puller aiding in maintenance, and extra convex keycaps for users seeking a customized appearance.

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