MSI updates WS60 laptop with 6th Generation Core-i7 and Xeon processors

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MSI today announced the latest ultra portable workstation - WS60 Series. MSI is the first in the professional market to launch mobile workstations with k It is a 15.6 inch model that delivers all necessary and powerful features of a workstation, yet is packed within an ultrabook-sized chassis.

MSI engineers refine every detailed material and component of the new WS60 Series to harness potential and push performance to the limit while staying true to portability. It is equipped with Intel’s latest 6th Generation Core-i7 and Xeon processors, NVIDIA’s latest Quadro M-series GPU, all within 19.9 mm surprisingly thin chassis weighing only 1.95 kg. This product is designed for all M&E (Multimedia & Entertainment) contents creation designers and CAD CAM engineers who want serious processing power on the go. The new WS60 Series is a perfect mix and match of power and portability.

Skylake is codename of the brand new 14nm micro-architecture of Intel’s latest 6th generation processors. The Skylake platform requires lower power consumption but delivers better performance than before. For example CPU performance of i7 6700HQ is 20% faster than i7 4720HQ under average usage.

New WS60 Series built-in two DDR4-2133 SO-DIMM slots with a configurable maximum of 32GB bring the fruit of an over 30% performance boost compared to DDR3L-1600 setup. Powering the highest-performing mobile workstations, the latest MSI WS60 Mobile Workstations packed the Intel® Xeon® processor E3-1505M to get the benefit of Error Correcting Code (ECC) DDR4 memory. It features intelligent performance that delivers the scalable processor speed necessary for advanced 3D designs, inspirational digital content creation, and traditional engineering analysis.

Powered by NVIDIA’s Quadro M-series GPU, the latest MSI WS60 Mobile Workstations enjoy great advantages of the state-of-the-art Maxwell architecture by the chip giant. With the latest MSI WS60 Mobile Workstations, challenging visualization workloads such as 3D-modeling and rendering calculations are to be taken care of in an effortless manner, thanks to the 50% plus performance bump by the latest NVIDIA Quadro GPUs.

The new WS60 Mobile Workstations series is shipped with preloaded Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, while different models come with NVIDIA Quadro M2000M, M1000M, and M600M graphics respectively.

The new WS60 Series being certificated by Autodesk, Solidworks, PTC and other varies independent software vendor (ISV). This product is shipped with preloaded Microsoft Windows 10 Pro. More new MSI exclusive technologies are introduced in this model, such as Super RAID 4, for boosting extreme read speeds over 3300MB/s, PCI-E Gen3 X4 M.2 SSD for boosting extreme read speeds up to 2200MB/s, DDR4-2133, for supreme data transmission speed, Super Port, for higher transmission speed, greater pixel density for up to dual 4K external monitors, and portable charging power up to 5V/3A, and Nahimic Audio Enhancer, creating directional sound effects for true professionals.

MSI's advanced ‘Cooler Boost 3' employs two dedicated fans and both with dual heatpipes for the high performance GPU and the CPU. Joined by a total number of five heat pipes made of thermally efficient copper, even more contact surfaces are assured on top of the ample airflow that the dual-fan design allows. Now the top-notch thermal engineering of MSI CoolerBoost3 is never so handy. With just one press on the ‘fan boost’ button, the decision for effective heat exchanging is right on the fingertips, making the world’s most efficient yet considerate thermal solution.

SuperRAID4 Storage Solution – Capacity and Speed in a Matter of Seconds
MSI SuperRAID4 technology is the market’s most advanced and fastest storage solution. Consisting of two NVMe PCI-E Gen.3x4 SSDs in RAID0 setup, this storage solution takes all the bandwidth as well as scalability advantages that are there to fully unleash the potential of SSDs. At a read speed of over 3300MB/s, SuperRAID4 can save a professional’s day when frequent access to large-size data sets is essential. (Optional) 

Advantageous NVMe PCI-E Gen.3 SSD
Get the most advanced storage before everyone else with the latest 4-lane PCI-E Gen.3 SSD that marries NVMe logical interface, which reads at a top speed of 2200MB/s – that is 5x faster than SATA3 interfaced SSDs.
*Optional for WS60 6QI and WS60 6QH Series. 

DDR4-2133 - New Memory Benchmark
Get the best possible performance out of your notebook with support of the advanced DDR4-2133 memory, achieving over 2.9GB/s in reading speed and 3.5GB/s in writing. With over 30% faster performance than previous generations DDR3-1600, DDR4-2133 is the new laptop standard to take your improved working efficiency to the next level. 

Higher Reliability of ECC DDR4-2133 Memory Support
System stability is paramount when weighing quality of mobile workstations. With MSI WS60, Error Correcting Code (ECC) DDR4 memory is the key to the peace of mind. ECC memory detects and corrects single-bit memory errors that can lead to data corruption and further cause system crush, and gives substantial improvements on memory stability as well as accuracy during important design works.
*Optional for WS60 6QJ Series. 

Super Port – One USB-C Port Fits All Needs
Transfer massive files faster than ever with up to 40Gbps transfer speed. Get more pixel power with dual 4K displays and extend your field of view with daisy chain capabilities. Even charge your mobile phone, tablet and any device faster on-the-go or at home (support up to 3A current). 

Silver-lining Keyboard Printing – Value-added for Road Warriors
For road warriors, working in dark environments is not impossible. Silver-lining printing offers absolute legibility by allowing better backlight penetration through the durable coating of every individual key. Accompanied by SteelSeries multicolor backlit keyboard and SSE application, MSI mobile workstations offer like-no-other value-added that can be visually enjoyed and touched. 
*Optional for only few language keyboard layouts

Nahimic Audio Enhancer – Value-added for Road Warriors
The military knows the importance of how precise definition of sound can change the rules of war. It is the only reason for the French military to adopt Nahimic Technology into its fighting aircraft training simulators. Directional sound effects and crystal clear dialogue during a mission are two critical elements. Now, you get to enjoy a whole new audio experience, and take best advantage of your professional applications with this true military technology. 

Audiophile Speakers by DYNAUDIO
Jointly designed by MSI and the Danish Hi-Fi master Dynaudio, this true 2.1 speaker system is embedded in the MSI WS60 mobile workstations, offering an audiophile experience thanks to the 50% boost of precise amplification and an over 10dBA volume increase compared to the previous gen. WS60. Sound reproduction is never so true on mobile workstations. 

TrueColor Technology – Visually-appealing Mobile Workstation
Vision and sound are the highest concerns that define success in the field of professional 3D-modeling. You now get to see clearer than that of your rivals see, getting one step ahead of the rest.


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