MSI to offer GeForce GTX 980 Ti Gaming LE (Light) edition

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MSI is releasing a GeForce GTX Ti Gaming LE LIGHT edition. It comes factory overclocked albeit slightly slower opposed to the regular model, and combined with the default variables like the 6 GB graphics memory.

The all custom MSI GeForce GTX 980 Ti Gaming (LE LIGHT edition) for example comes with a default base clock set at 1026 MHz where the regular gaming model does 1178 MHz. The boost clock is 1026 MHz. The memory is standard at 7 Gbps.

To keep things cool the MSI GeForce GTX 980 Ti Gaming (LE edition) comes equipped with the newly revised V TwinFrozr cooler that had minor aesthetic changes and hey, even remains passive when the product is in idle. Fans remain disabled when the GPU is under a set temperature at light GPU load. On top of it you will spot a Illuminated LED LOGO design, you can pick the animation of that logo like on/of/dim/phase. Then the product is armed with a nice, read very nice back-plate. 

No prices are mentioned just yet, but you can expect the LE models to be a notch cheaper.

Side note, there will also be a 4GB GeForce 980 Gaming LE (non Ti) available at 1142 MHz base/1253 MHz boost and a 7 Gbps clock frequency.

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