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Even though Windows 8 has only been on the market for a short time we already know Microsoft is hard at work on the next version of the OS. The project is codenamed "Windows Blue" and is expected to launch next summer bringing improvements and new features to Windows 8 as well as debuting a new yearly update cycle for Microsoft's OS.

There now seems to be a bit more info on the next version of Windows due to someone that posted on a Taiwanese forum. Members of that forum have identified the user as a Microsoft official so there might be some truth to what he's saying but of course you should take this with a grain of salt.

He is supposedly running an alpha version of the next Windows with the version number 9622. Surprisingly he calls this Windows 9 though judging from that version number ( currently Windows 8 is at 9200 ) we think he's actually talking about Windows Blue, which is supposed to retain the Windows 8 branding once it hits markets.

According to him this next version of Windows will keep the Metro visuals and Start Screen, so no surprises there. However, we are expecting some changes, with users being able to customize their Start Screen more easily with more resizable tiles a la Windows Phone 8.

Another tidbit of info on the UI front is that the Desktop will still be present but it will undergo even more flattening, so perhaps the taskbar will finally stop being translucent and the whole thing will be a bit more cohesive.

Lastly he mentions there will be an update to the kernel which will reach version 6.3. Windows Blue is supposed to bring a few deep changes to the OS and upgrading the kernel does indeed fit the bill.

More info on Windows Blue

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