Microsoft Confirms DirectX 12 MIX AMD and Nvidia Multi-GPUs

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It's not exactly new news, but Microsoft actually confirms it at this stage. Microsoft technical support states that DirectX 12 will support “multi-GPU configurations between Nvidia and AMD.” Something we call Asynchronous Multi-GPU Capabilities.

This is shown on a screenshot published over at LinusTechTips. No requirements or further details were listed though. With such a setup you could mix Nvidia and AMD cards in tandem to render your games. There is a massive issue though. Lots of the optimization work for the spreading of workloads is left to the developers – the game studios. The same went for older APIs, though, and DirectX 12 is intended to be much friendlier.F frame buffers (GPU memory) won't necessarily need to be mirrored anymore. In older APIs, in order to benefit from multiple GPUs, you'd have the two work together, each one rendering an alternate frame (AFR). This required both to have all of the texture and geometry data in their frame buffers, meaning that despite having two cards with 4 GB of memory, you'd still only have a 4 GB frame buffer.


Microsoft developers stated the upcoming DirectX 12 API could deliver an up-to 20 percent higher frame rate in games and a decrease in CPU utilization as well.

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