METAs new Meta Quest Pro Virtual Reality glasses to cost 1800 EUR

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The Meta Quest Pro offers sharper images, new operation controllers and cameras to register facial expressions. In the EU  the device costs 1,799.99 euros.

The Quest Pro has a flatter design than the Quest 2, which costs 450 euros. The device's battery is housed at the rear of the headband. This should guarantee that the 722-gramme headset distributes its weight more evenly, keeping the device pleasant. The Quest Pro not only has cameras on the exterior that can assess the wearer's position in a room, but it also has cameras on the inside. They are continually capturing the user's gaze and face. The headgear, for example, not only recognises what you are looking at, but it can also convert facial emotions into the virtual environment.

Outside cameras can broadcast the user's physical environment in real time. The glasses are also capable of augmented reality. You can still see the room around you, but virtual things can be added to it. It is conceivable, for example, to sit at a real desk while big virtual screens are shown on it. According to Meta, the Quest Pro's CPU is 50% more powerful than the Quest 2. Furthermore, the image should be crisper, which is advantageous while reading papers or seeing virtual screens.

The controls, which allow users to interact with the virtual environment, have also been updated. These controllers have cameras integrated in to determine their location. They also no longer need separate batteries and instead use a rechargeable battery.

In addition, the Quest Pro does not last as long on a charge as the Quest 2. The Quest Pro can only be used for two hours, whereas the Quest 2 may be used for three hours. The Quest Pro will be available on October 25th.

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