Message with strange characters will cause PlayStation 4 to crash

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PlayStation 4 users warn each other for a message with strange characters, causing the game console to crash completely and then restart each time.

The message appears to be on PlayStation Network since this weekend, users are reporting to the Reddit forum. Users say they get a message that uses characters that the PlayStation 4 does not recognize. If such a message is opened on the game computer, the system will hang up and restart afterwards.

Users who have received a strange message can better access it via the PlayStation Messages app on their smartphone, according to Reddit users. There the message can be deleted, so that the PlayStation 4 will not load the message.

Possible full reset required

To prevent the message from being received, PS4 users can restrict the Messages function to only friends. This can be done via the privacy settings in the PlayStation 4's Account Management. You can also choose not to receive any messages at all. Players who have already opened the message may have to reset their game computer completely to the factory settings. Other users have enough to boot the system into safe mode and then choose 'Database reconstructing'. With this option, the hard disk is not erased.

Message with strange characters will cause PlayStation 4 to crash

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