MediaTek Unveils Filogic 360 and Filogic 860 Wi-Fi 7 Chips

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MediaTek has officially introduced the Filogic 360 and Filogic 860 Wi-Fi 7 chips, both of which have commenced mass production and are slated for availability on store shelves in mid-2024.  Filogic 860, a streamlined iteration of the flagship Filogic 880 model, is designed for router applications. 

This chip boasts wireless transmission speeds reaching an impressive 7.2 Gbps, complemented by support for 1*10 Gbps, 1x 2.5 Gbps, and 4x 1 Gbps wired network ports. Equipped with three Cortex-A78 cores peaking at 1.8 GHz, it also features an NPU.

On the other hand, Filogic 360 serves as a streamlined version of Filogic 380 and finds its application in terminal devices such as mobile phones and computers. This chip offers wireless transmission speeds of up to 2.9 Gbps and supports Bluetooth 5.4. Notably, it brings LE audio support to laptops, enhancing the audio capabilities of these devices.


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