Lian Li Releases a new Gaming Desktop; DK-05F (updated)

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And with desktop, we mean the one you sit at and build a PC in. We're not 100% why Lian Li still fabricates them, they are insanely expensive and very cold and smudgy to work on with an electrochromic glass top. Aesthetics wise it's a feast though. 

The latest model of Lian Li's desk type PC case "DK" series is a successor to the dual system compatible model "DK-05" that can mount two E-ATX motherboards. The transparency of the tempered glass on the top plate can be switched between "TRANSPARENT" and "OPAQUE" thanks to electrochromic glass. Electrochromic glass is used in some self-dimming mirrors (cars), offices but also if you have flown, the Boeing 787 Dreamliners use it in modified form in the see through window portals. For the Lian Li desks, brightness is determined, which means that a transparent glass can be chosen for a dark foggy version at a touch.

The foot rests are equipped with an electric lifting function, which can be adjusted seamlessly with the buttons on the main unit. It also has four preset buttons, and the frequently used height can be registered in the main unit. In addition, it has unique functions such as a "Fan Controller" function that can adjust the fan rotation speed in 5 steps (SPEED 1 to 4 + PWM) and an "RGB Lighting Mode" function that supports 7 types of illumination modes and color adjustment.

Drive bays are 2.5 / 3.5-inch shadow bay x8 and 2.5 / 3.5-inch removable drive tray x4. The cooling fan is 140mmx6 or 120mmx8 at the front, 120mmx6 at the center of the main body, 120 / 140mmx1 at the rear left, 120 / 140mmx2 at the rear center, 120 / 140mmx1 at the rear right, and the radiator is 420 / 480mmx2 at the front, 360mmx2 at the center and rear The center corresponds to 240mmx1.

Compatible form factor is E-ATX / ATX / MicroATX / Mini-ITX x2, expansion slot is 8 steps x2, graphics card is 400mm in length, CPU cooler is 185mm in height, and power supply unit can be installed up to 230mm in depth. The body size is 1,400 mm wide, 780 mm deep, and 689 to 1,175 mm high. The "DK-04F" for single systems is also available as a variation model. A price was not listed.

Updated: pricing is now available, the DK-05F selles at 2099 EUR / 1999 USD with the DK-04F selling at 1499 EUR / 1399 USD.

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