Lian Li Launches Uni Fan SL Infinity 140: Bigger and More Hypnotic

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The SL INFINITY 140 offers the same limitless lighting style with an infinity mirror at the front and sides, and thin angular RGB strips at the front and rear. 

The SL INFINITY 140 delivers much-improved airflow with a maximum of 72.7 CFM, 2.88 mm H2O of air pressure; noise levels reaching only 28 dBA while running at 1600 RPM, or completely inaudible at 0 RPM with the Start/Stop function in L-Connect 3. The SL INFINITY 140 is fully compatible with the SL INFINITY controller hub, giving users the flexibility of using different combinations of daisy-chained clusters of 120 mm or 140 mm fans in their build. Similar to the 120, it comes equipped with the improved connecting mechanism of removable interlocking keys and a multidirectional power module cable.

The SL INFINITY 140 features 40 LEDs which are dispersed perfectly to provide continuous lighting at the fan blades and around the LIAN LI medallion in the back. The front fan axis offers a glimpse into the first infinity mirror ring which has been carefully designed to create a deep, hypnotic infinity effect with 0.5 mm between each layer of light. The second infinity mirror is surrounded by an aluminium trim located on both sides of the frame. With the L-Connect 3, users can decide between preset light effects or combine center and side light strips for a customized look.

Better Airflow. Better Air Pressure.
The SL INFINITY 140 features improved airflow (72.7 CFM), a higher air pressure (2.88 mmH2O), and selectable fan speeds of 0, 200—1600 RPM, all while at lower noise levels (28 dBA). Perfect for heat dissipation or general air intake. The SL INFINITY 140 also supports 0 RPM for the ultimate silent build. This feature is supported by L-Connect's redesigned fan curve interface via the Start/Stop mode which allows RPM to be set to 0 when the CPU or GPU is running below 50°C.

More Flexibility for the SL INFINITY Series 140 mm
The SL INFINITY 140 is fully compatible with the SL INFINITY controller hub, giving users the flexibility of using different clusters of SL INFINITY 120 mm or SL INFINITY 140 mm fans in their build. The SL INFINITY 140 includes removable interlocking keys on the side of the fan for better clearance with radiator fittings. The power module is centered on the fan frame and has been revised to allow the cable to be flipped 180 degrees, so as to always be oriented towards the rear of the case. The SL INFINITY 140 single pack comes with a power module cable that splits into a standard PWM and 5 V-ARGB cable to allow direct connectivity to the motherboard.

The black/white UNI FAN SL INFINITY 140 is available starting January 10th, at an MSRP of $29.99 (USA and global) in single fan pack only (controller not included). 

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