LG UltraFine 5K-monitor to get updated to prevent router issues

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Earlier this week we posted a news item stating that the LG LG UltraFine 5K monitor was rendered useless with nearby wireless router. That monitor isn't working properly if there is a WIFI router, access-point or other wireless units nearby, roughly in a 2 meter range. LG has a fix. 

The problem was simple, if you'd have a close-by WIFI divice like a router the signal on-screen would flicker or even resulted the display to go into sleep modus. It seems that LG has recognized the problem, initially recommended to place routers and wifi devices further away. However they will be introducing a hardware fix. The February 2017 and newer models will simply get better shielding applied which will solve the issue.

One problem remains though, LG has not released any information about people who already own the monitor and face this issue. For them there is no clear hardware fix. If you have this 5120 x 2880 monitor and have the issue, you are recommended to contact the help-desk. 

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