KFA2 Offers GTX 1080 Ti The HOF 8 Pack Edition for 1125 Euros

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KFA2 today announced their fastest GTX 1080 Ti available on the market, the HOF 8 Pack Edition. THis product is clocked faster at a 1645 MHz base clock, a boost of 1759 MHz and memory: at 1425 MHz = 11.400 GHz effective.

Now a warning though as your eyes are about to pop out: the product is selling in the UK exclusively through OCuK for and get this .. 950 GBP which is 1125 Euro converted (!). The white PCB and cooler based card has three 8-pin power connectors but also comes with a small LCD display, three fans and thus is a triple-slot cooler, OCuK mentiones only 5 to 10 units are expected to be sold each month. The cards come with a binned GPU for maximum OC potential.

  • Core Clock: 1645MHz
  • Boost Clock: 1759MHz
  • Memory: 11264MB 11400MHz GDDR5X
  • Stream Processors: 3584
  • SLI Ready
  • VR Ready
  • PhysX/CUDA Enabled
  • 2 Years Warranty


Myself and 8 Pack have being working with KFA2 on designing a smash the rest 1080Ti graphics card, as such we bring you the 8 Pack Edition HOF 1080Ti with the worlds fastest clock speeds and most advanced power management including 3x 8-Pin power connectors making the card absolutely ideal for extreme overclockers.

OCuK states:

the regular HOF 8 Pack approved card is every bit as good, we just drop the test clocks to greatly improve yield rate, again these will overclock like champs and for 99.9% of users will be perfect for those who want one of the fastest cards or building a white themed build. :)

We then have the new EX OC cards, which not only look great with both white and black editions, they also feature NVIDIA reference PCB's and they are the first custom cards we have seen at sub £700 to the end user.

Then to finish it of we of course have a clown blower card, people hate it, but you also love it, a true marmite card but one which always sells very well and is perfect for those building a gaming PC that does not have a side window.

This model is currently available for pre-order with expected shipping date of May 26th.

Source: OverclockersUK

KFA2 Offers GTX 1080 Ti The HOF 8 Pack Edition for 1125 Euros

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