Jury Alters What Samsung Owes Apple

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A jury in San Jose today adjusted the damages owed to Apple by Samsung for violating its smartphone patents. Last Friday, a jury found Samsung guilty of infringing on two Apple patents. Judge Koh had already found Samsung guilty of violating one Apple patent earlier during the trial. In its original verdict, the jury awarded Apple $119.6 million for two of the patents, but failed to award Apple any damages for the third. Judge Lucy Koh asked the jury to reconsider.

After two hours of deliberations today, the jury revised the total amount owed by Samsung to Apple to be $120 million. It added about $4 million for the additional patent, but revised downward the amounts awarded for the other two patents. Apple had sought $2.2 billion. Both companies are expected to appeal aspects of the verdict and damages. The jury also found Apple guilty of infringing on one Samsung patent. This trial marks the second major U.S. courtroom battle between the two companies over smartphone patents. Samsung was found guilty in 2012 of violating various Apple patents. In that case, Apple was awarded damages of $930 million.

Jury Alters What Samsung Owes Apple

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