Intel releases 730 series SSDs

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Intel just released their 730 series SSDs, Shipping in capacities of either 240GB or 480GB, the Intel 730 Series SSD is, as you probably expected, of the 2.5-inch variety, and is also 7mm thick. It also consumes up to 5.5 watts of power when active and as little as 1.3 watts when sitting idle.

As for data transfer rates, the Intel 730 Series SSD’s read time hits a maximum of 550MB per second, while its write time tops out at 470MB per tick. Of course, we’ll be able to get a better handle on the legitimacy of those states once we have some 730 Series drives in hand for testing. Intel’s internal tests were conducted on systems equipped with the company’s very own elite Core i7-4770K processor, an Intel Z87 chipset and 8GB PC3 of RAM.

You can snag the 240GB Intel 730 Series SSD for $249, while the 480GB version run you $489. The drives will begin shipping on March 18, roughly three weeks from now.

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