Intel Prepares Next-Gen Battlemage G10 and G21 GPUs spotted in shipping manifests

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Intel is actively developing its upcoming generation of discrete graphics processors, known internally as Battlemage, with two models, G10 and G21, currently in the research and development phase. Shipping manifest excerpts, disclosed by @momomo_us, confirm the existence of these GPUs, indicating Intel's ongoing efforts in the discrete GPU sector. The Battlemage G10 and G21 GPUs are positioned to enhance Intel's presence in the entry-level and mid-range segments of the market, following the company's current offerings of ACM-G11 and ACM-G10 graphics processors. The G10 model is expected to be the larger and potentially more powerful chip, whereas the G21 is likely designed for entry-level applications.

The disclosed shipping manifests suggest that these GPUs are still in the pre-qualification stage, which involves rigorous testing to evaluate their functionality, reliability, and performance. Pre-qualification silicon is not yet cleared for mass production, pending satisfactory performance and yield assessments. This stage is vital for ensuring that the chips meet Intel's stringent standards before proceeding to mass production.

Intel's advancements in the discrete GPU market, particularly with the Battlemage series, signal a forthcoming competitive landscape in the graphics card sector. While Nvidia currently dominates the discrete GPU market, especially for laptops, Intel's strategic relationships with PC manufacturers and OEMs could enable it to present a formidable challenge in the upcoming generations.


Source: @momomo_us

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