Intel patches Three severe Intel vulnerabilities for its Wi-Fi and Bluetooth hips

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Multiple vulnerabilities in Intel's Wi-Fi adapters as well as a Bluetooth issue are addressed by the company's latest updates. Three of the Wi-Fi issues are rated as "high severity," and they allow for privilege elevation, which allows the attacker to get more privileges.

The concerns were detailed in three security advisories: SA-00539 and SA-00582 for Wi-Fi, and SA-00581 for Bluetooth — with the Wi-Fi issues being the most critical. The latter affects Intel Wi-Fi AX210, AX201, AX200, and Killer AX1675 plus AX1650 devices, as well as Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E products (which will be present on modern Intel motherboards – and some AMD motherboards as well), as well as older Wi-Fi 5 chipsets as indicated in the above warnings.

Users can resolve these issues by downloading the most recent driver version for their specific wireless adapter from Intel.

For users with Intel Wireless Adapters, such as the AX lineup (AX211/AX210/AX200, etc.), you'll want to hop to updating with the latest Intel Windows 10 and Windows 11 Wi-Fi drivers, which can be found here. You'll want version 22.110.1 (Latest), though any version past 22.80 is sufficient to cover off both advisories. 

For gamers with Killer network adapters, you'll want to update the Intel Killer Performance Suite to version 3.1122.183 found here. Again, you could upgrade to just 3.1021.733.0 for sufficient cover, but why not get the latest version while you're there.

The latest Bluetooth drivers can be found here. Version 22.110.2 is the latest, so I recommend picking that up, but you could settle for anything above 22.80 to be in the clear. 

Intel patches Three severe Intel vulnerabilities for its Wi-Fi and Bluetooth hips

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