Intel Drops the Core i9-9900K dodecahedron package

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Not sure how important this really is, but Intel will be dropping that unique Core i9-9900K / Core i9-9900KS dodecahedron package, which we assume was a bit of a challenge for shops and distributors.

In a PCN update, Intel announced that the "Core i9-9900K" dodecahedron package will be discontinued. The package with the CPU in a dodecahedron acrylic case had a great impact and premium feel, but it was difficult in terms of storage. The new generation CPU "Core i9-10900K" has arrived, and it seems that it has finished its role as a premium model.

The production end date of the "Core i9-9900K" that uses the current package is set to be June 26, 2020, and after this date, dodecahedron packages cannot be canceled or returned. The final shipping date is July 10, 2020. In addition, only the current package will be discontinued, and the box product of "Core i9-9900K" will continue to be manufactured in the standard package.

Admittedly, I quite liked it.


Intel Drops the Core i9-9900K dodecahedron package

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