Intel Core Processor Combines CPU with Discrete Graphics & HBM2 From AMD

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For a while now there has been gossip and rumors that AMD and Intel would be collaborating on a project, Intel the CPU side of things and AMD the graphics side. Things just got more substantiated. Intel announces a multi-chip module (MCM), based on a 14 nm Core "Coffee Lake-H" CPU die, with a 14 nm VEGA GPU die from AMD.

So, Intel plans to a laptop-computer chip that combines an Intel processor and an AMD graphics unit. The new product, which will be part of the 8th Gen Intel Core family, brings together our high-performing Intel Core H-series processor, second generation High Bandwidth Memory (HBM2) and a custom-to-Intel third-party discrete graphics chip from AMD’s Radeon Technologies Group – all in a single processor package, but based on several dies.

A 14nm Vega architecture is the choice for the GPU, Intel mentions the usage of HBM2, likely a single stack Earlier this year Intel already announced their Embedded Multi-Die Interconnect Bridge (EMIB) making these things (a second die) possible, for modular builds. The Intel and the AMD part communicate over what basically is a PCIe Gen 3.0 bridge wired in-between each other. The first products based on MCMs will likely be embedded products and laptops, they should launch by Q1 2018.


“Our collaboration with Intel expands the installed base for AMD Radeon GPUs and brings to market a differentiated solution for high-performance graphics,” said Scott Herkelman, vice president and general manager, AMD Radeon Technologies Group. “Together we are offering gamers and content creators the opportunity to have a thinner-and-lighter PC capable of delivering discrete performance-tier graphics experiences in AAA games and content creation applications. This new semi-custom GPU puts the performance and capabilities of Radeon graphics into the hands of an expanded set of enthusiasts who want the best visual experience possible.”


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