Intel Core i9-10900 10-core Processor Poses for Camera

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There are signs everywhere, and almost on a daily basis that the new Comet Lake-S Core series processors from Intel are inbound. We've seen many leaks, today photos of a potential Core i9-10900 10-core Processor and LGA1200 motherboard have surfaced. 

The most high-end Core i9 processors based on Comet Lake-S will get 10 cores and 20 threads. This round Asia based Xfastest, snagged what seems to be an engineering sample (ES) of the upcoming Core i9-10900 processor.

The Comet Lake-S ES processor displayed on the photos is an i9-10900 that adopts the new LGA 1200 pin socket for Z490 and Intel series 400 motherboards, which means just that, yes you need a new motherboard if you make the move to Comet Lake-S. This non-K model processor would get a 65 Watt TDP rating, which is interesting for something with 10-cores. According to the Comet Lake-S architecture block diagram that was exposed on the internet earlier, Comet Lake-S shares many features of previous generation processors and basically is an expeanded version of the current generation Coffee lake. The PCIe specification also sticks to revision 3.0, 16 PCIe lanes are provided on the processor.

The larger improvement is that this time the Comet Lake S CPU has a maximum of 10 cores, which is more than the 8 cores of the previous top i9-9900KS. In addition, the CNVi interface also supports a new generation of WiFi 6 wireless technology. Fabbed on a 14nm++ process Comet Lake-S could be 18% faster in multi-threaded application scenarios, general Windows applications would see an 8% improvement. All photos are courtesy to these young rascals in Hong Kong.

Intel Core i9-10900 10-core Processor Poses for Camera

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