Intel Coffee Lake event photo confirms leaked specs

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There have been a number of leaks on Coffee Lake already, most of them true. Intel Coffee Lake event photo confirms leaked specs of Intels upcoming 8th Generation Core processors, including four 6-core models, two with hyper-threading.

The photo originates from chiphell, one of the attendees of an Intel event leaked a photo. That photo however is very blurry photo, but does reveal the entire lineup and confirmes the core configurations. Coffee Lake (8th gen) six-core processors are based on the LGA1151 socket, but will require a new motherboard chipset. They have a TDP of either 65 or 95W. Currently the release lineup looks like this:

Processor Cores / Threads Clock speed Turbo 2.0 1-core Turbo 3.0  L3 TDP
Core i7-8700K 6/12 3.8 GHz 4.3 GHz 4.5 or 4.7 GHz 12MB 95W
Core i7-8700 6/12 3.2 GHz 4.2 GHz 4.4 GHz 12MB 65W
Core i5-8600K 6/6 3.8 GHz 4.2 GHz 4.4 GHz 9MB 95W
Core i5-8400 6/6 2.8 GHz 3.5 GHz 3.8 GHz 9MB 65W
Core i3-8350 4/4 4.0 GHz na na 8MB 95W
Core i3-8100 4/4 3.6 GHz na na 6MB 65W

As you can see there will be be two 6 cores models with HT (12MB L3), an two without HT (9MB L3). The four core models (8MB L3) will not get hyper-threading, which confirms earlier rumors. Unfortunately I cannot precisely readout the clocks as the image quality is too fuzzy, so that remains to be a bit of speculation but these frequencies as listed should be pretty close.

Thanks SH SOTN for the news spot/submit.

Intel Coffee Lake event photo confirms leaked specs

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