Intel 14th Gen Core/Raptor Lake Refresh Processor Price Details Unveiled by PC-Canada

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The recent update to PC-Canada's online store displayed Intel's 14th Gen Core processors, referred to as the Raptor Lake Refresh. This inclusion prior to the official launch raised concerns about embargo violations.

Although the specifics from PC-Canada were later removed, certain entities like momomo_us and multiple hardware-focused media channels maintained the revealed data. The model names for K and KF variants, accompanied by initial pricing information, have been noted. Pricing begins at $415.99 CAD for the Core i5-14600KF and caps at $833.99 CAD for the Core i9-14900K.

Upon analyzing these initial prices, there's a minor increase from the previous generation. A study by VideoCardz suggests that the price elevation is moderate, with an average surge of about 4%, varying between 2% and 7%. Their detailed comparison is provided in the subsequent chart.

The anticipated launch date for the Raptor Lake Refresh K and KF-series desktop lineup is October 17th, based on prior leaks. Intel plans to formally present these processors in the upcoming Innovation Event. PC Canada's display of the 14th Gen Core series included all six of the future K and KF models, showing prices that are slightly elevated at this preliminary stage.

PC Canada's showcasing of Intel's upcoming CPU series included the 14, 20, and 24-core models with prices ranging from $415.99 to $833.99 CAD. Comparing with the existing 13th Gen Core series, the initial pricing represents a modest increase, averaging around 4% and spanning from 2% to 7%.


Comparison: Intel 13th Gen vs. 14th Gen Core Pricing

  • Core i9-13900K to Core i9-14900K: $808.99 to $833.99 (Increase of 3%)
  • Core i9-13900KF to Core i9-14900KF: $775.99 to $833.99 (Increase of 7%)
  • Core i7-13700K to Core i7-14700K: $583.99 to $597.99 (Increase of 2%)
  • Core i7-13700KF to Core i7-14700KF: $538.99 to $559.99 (Increase of 4%)
  • Core i5-13600K to Core i5-14600K: $436.99 to $453.99 (Increase of 4%)
  • Core i5-13600KF to Core i5-14600KF: $402.99 to $415.99 (Increase of 3%)

This listing also confirms essential specifications for the soon-to-be-released Intel Core processors. The Core i9-14900K is projected to operate at 6 GHz with 24 cores. Meanwhile, the 14700K and 14600K series should respectively deliver 20 cores at 5.6 GHz and 14 cores at 5.3 GHz. The 14th Gen K-series SKUs by Intel are set for a debut on October 17th. The official announcement is slated for the subsequent week at the Innovation event, but Intel has not yet shared comprehensive details on pricing or other facets of the Raptor Lake Refresh desktop CPUs.

Source: videocardz

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