Inno3D Warns that mining can break Warranty on their GPUs

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Well, that was bound to happen. Inno3D is the first manufacturer to warn cryptocurrency coin-miners that they are possible voiding the warranty on their cards. See, graphics cards are not design to do full load 24/7/365, and that is exactly what miners are doing.

We're pretty sure that the RMA return rates have gone up ever since the mining hype started. Inno3D is the first to issue a warning. Thing is though, if a card breaks down after all that abuse, how would Inno3D ever figure out that it was used for mining?

It brings up the question, what is the lifespan of a graphics card with normal usage? I had this discussion once with folks from Nvidia, and in their believe with pretty hefty daily gaming that would average out roughly at 5 years. At one point the GPU will start leaking. If you place that 5 years into perspective compared to what miner are doing with them, I dunno maybe the cards are bound to die after a year or less? 

So, while this info is not listed at their website, a reddit user recently bought a (GTX1060 6GB Ichill x3 V2), Inno3D is adding a sticker onto that packaging that makes the message clear, as spotted on reddit. I can see other AIB partners following this protocol, I just cannot see how they would validate the fact the card was used for mining.

Inno3D Warns that mining can break Warranty on their GPUs

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