Have you ever heard a pig sound this good?

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Distributor Speakal announced it has brought the iPig docking station, complete with five speaker,s to the US market. The iPig is rated at 25W of total power, and includes a 4-inch subwoofer with adjustable bass control. In addition to being compatible with iPods via included cradles, charging them via their docks, the iPig will also connect to portable audio players, gaming consoles and other audio equipment via a 3.5mm phone jack.

The iPig's eyes are actually speakers, while its ears act as touch-sensitive volume controls. The iPig's mouth lights up whenever the iPig is powered on, and will confirm instructions sent from the remote control with a flash. An amplifier is built into the iPig, as is a dynamic airflow design to cool the device.

The iPig is available now in yellow, pink or white on Speakal's website, priced at nearly $140.

Have you ever heard a pig sound this good?

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