GTA 5 Angry Planes mod contains malware

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Guys, if you used this mod for Grand Theft Auto 5, please have a good read. The GTA forums have discovered that the popular Angry Planes mod for GTA 5 contains malware.

The mod was released this earlier month but it’s starting to look like it contains a trojan downloader or spyware.

Now, not everyone who has downloaded the mod seems to have been affected. Whether it’s down to it being caught as it downloaded, the different iterations of the mod, or – as some are speculating – someone other than the modder putting the malware in there, is yet to be confirmed.

From the forums, we know that you should look out for trojans init.exe and fade.exe if you’ve already installed the mod. It’s also advisable to change passwords, just to be on the safe side.

This morning it was discovered that the Angry Planes and No Clip scripts hosted on this site and elsewhere contained malware that ran a program known as "Fade.exe" which acted as a keylogger. 

How did this happen?
The Angry Planes mod was downloaded and run by thousands of people and various other community mod hosting sites and forums. The mod did exactly what it advertised, however it also spawned a thread that installed malware on your machine behind the scenes. The threat was not picked up by running the .asi file through VirusTotal, which made it difficult to detect before running. 

What should I do now?
If you haven't uninstalled the scripts yet - DO! That's not enough, though. You'll also need to check your computer for "Fade.exe" and other offending applications. We highly advise that you change sensitive passwords, since this keylogger could have picked up any of the keys you inputted since running it. 

Beyond obviously removing these files from our site, we're going to beef up the approval process on these kinds of scripts. We're very sorry to the legitimate mod authors out there, the "bad guys" ruined a good thing! If you post compiled scripts in .asi, .dll, or .net.dll formats, the approval process will be much lengthier. We recommend avoiding these formats completely and publishing your mods as .lua or .cs source files, these kinds of scripts will be approved very quickly because the source can be verified.

How can I stay safe?
We will be doing our best to avoid hosting these kinds of files on our site. If you're still paranoid, avoid tools and script mods, which are currently the only types of GTA V mods that could potentially contain malware. Any mod installed by OpenIV (which we 100% trust), including handling/weapon/data config mods and model/texture swaps, can't contain malware because of the nature of their sources.

GTA 5 Angry Planes mod contains malware

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