GeForce GTX 470 2 and 3-way SLI review

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GeForce GTX 470 2 and 3-way SLI review

A little extra something-something  for the weekend. We still owed you fine gentlemen a 2/3-way SLI article base don the GeForce GTX 470.

We'll have a look at SLI scaling of the GeForce GTX 470. We look at single card performance, dual-card performance but also triple (3-way) SLI performance to see how well these puppies will scale.

The article will first cover SLI performance among the new GTX 470's in several configurations and games, and then we'll check a little one on one with 2-way Multi-GPU gaming in a multi-GPU slaughter-fest article in the ATI versus NVIDIA kind of way to see who and what scales the best. Over the next few pages we'll tell you a bit about multi-GPU gaming, the challenges, the requirements and of course a nice tasty benchmark session.

You can read this Guru3D article right here.

GeForce GTX 470 3-way SLI


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