Foxconn Renaissance X58 Digital Life motherboard photo

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Photos of a retail Foxconn Renaissance X58 Digital Life motherboard have surfaced on the web. The cooling is a bit weird as you'll see on the photo, the Northbridge cooling looks somewhat like a speaker while the Southbridge heatsink looks like a knob. Heh, I kinda like it though. More photo's here.

Here's a look at some of the specifications:

* X58 tylersburg chipset
* ICH10-R southbridge
* 6 phase power circuit for CPU
* 2x 16X PCI-E and 2x 8X PCI-E slots
* 6 memory slots for 3-channel memory configurations
* Maximum memory amount xx?
* All basic connectors you need in today computing
* Selectable QPI 4800GT/s, 6400GT/s (Gigatransfers/s)
* All adjustments for basic overclocking

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