First Ryzen Quad Cores Will not Pass 3.2 GHz?

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The French Canard PC in a tweet stated that the first Ryzen Quad Cores processors would not exceed 3.2 GHz and will get a lower clock-frequency then expected. You should take this information with a grain of salt alright, but Canard PC in the past has proved to be a fairly reliable source of information.

It is unknown what the performance level of the processors will be, obviously the units will get four cores. Also unknown is if these are the 8-core models with 4 cores disabled. We doubt that given the nature of the architecture. The low base clock frequencies seem really unrealistic though considering the 8-core parts achieve higher clock frequencies.

Ryzen 5 would be released in Q2 this year, Ryzen 3 is expected to launch in the 2nd half of this year.

First Ryzen Quad Cores Will not Pass 3.2 GHz?

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