Final Fantasy XV has been cracked two days before its even released

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It's a bit of af a mess, so remember the PC demo of Final Fantasy XV from last week? As it seems, it was an unprotected release. A Chinese crack group called "3DM" simply used the .exe from the demo, applied it as it did not have Denuvo anti-tamper tech in it just yet.

Now, things get worse, the big problem, Origin. Unlike Steam, Origin made available for pre-load an unencrypted version of the whole game. 3DM simply download that unencrypted version and cracked the game using the demo executable file. Dsogaming reports that early reports state the first three Chapters work fine (and some players have been able to reach even the ninth Chapter without any issues). The size in total for the game is around 150GB with the HD 4K Resolution Textures, suggesting that this is the real deal. That is a bad day for Square Enix.

Before you guys start commenting, we do not allow links or torrents or whatnot anything illegal, such links and you yourself will be banned. Final Fantasy XV releases on the PC tomorrow, March 6th, considering the team even brought you a full level demo prior to launch there is even more reason to purchase the game, as always.


Final Fantasy XV has been cracked two days before its even released

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