Elgato Introduces Enhanced Facecam MK.2 with Advanced Features for Professional Streaming

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Elgato has officially announced the release of the Facecam MK.2, an update to its popular 1080p60 webcam tailored for content creators. The new model retains the core qualities of the original Facecam while introducing additional features such as High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging, an integrated privacy shutter, and pan-tilt-zoom capabilities, aimed at improving user experience and image quality.The Facecam MK.2 is designed to deliver high-fidelity images, ensuring that streamers and professionals appear as lifelike as possible, even in low-light conditions. Its design is optimized for modern workspaces, featuring a low-profile mount that promotes better eye contact by positioning the camera closer to the user's eye level.

Available for purchase online starting today, with broader retail availability expected soon, the Facecam MK.2 also comes with access to Elgato's proprietary Camera Hub software at no additional cost. Rolf Bartz, Elgato's Principal Vision Architect, highlighted the company's commitment to enhancing the webcam experience for creators, emphasizing the improved performance and versatility of the Facecam MK.2 compared to its predecessor and competing products.


The Facecam MK.2 boasts improved sensitivity for enhanced performance in various lighting conditions, from dark gaming rooms to brightly lit offices, delivering a vibrant, professional-grade image. The inclusion of HDR technology allows the webcam to capture true-to-life colors and details at 60 frames per second in full HD, even in high-contrast lighting environments. A notable addition to the Facecam MK.2 is the built-in privacy shutter, which provides a convenient and secure way to cover the lens and protect users' privacy with a simple gesture. The redesigned mount and compact form factor ensure the webcam integrates seamlessly into any setting, minimizing distractions and maintaining clear screen visibility.

The webcam's new pan-tilt-zoom functionality offers users enhanced control over framing, enabling on-the-fly adjustments to the field of view for optimal composition. Additionally, the Facecam MK.2 can record high-definition slow-motion video at 120 frames per second in 720p resolution when connected via USB 3.0, adding cinematic quality to various content types.

Visit the product page.

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