Eight core Coffee Lake Processor Finally Spotted?

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It has been topic of discussion for many months now, ever since the 'Z390 chipset' surfaced on a roadmap and a company kind of leaked that it was intended for an 8-core processor, it became silent though, from the looks of it, it's for real.

Over at Videocardz, they spotted an entry in the Futuremark, and indeed that very much looks like an 8-core processor that is actually listed as Coffee Lake. The processor is listed as a generic, and that means the motherboard firmware microcode has not been updated or recognizing the processor. That base-clock could be misread, or this is a very early engineering sample.

The Z390 chipset has been spotted on several roadmaps and slides, so at one point we do need to understand what it is intended for eh? Anyway, the CPU is listed at 8-cores and 16-threads, the rest of the stuff looks erroneous, including the listed base clock. The testing platform is listed as Intel Corporation CoffeeLake S82 UDIMM RVP, likely an engineering board.

It will not be released in April though, that moment is for H370 and B360 chipsets and a few new Coffee Lake respin procs, this later. Also, there has been a rumor about the Z370 chipset, it would have been incompatible with Skylake and Kaby Lake due to Intel's preparations for an 8-core CPU.

Make of it what you will, but we're certain of one fact, Intel does not like the fact that AMD has 8-core processors available in the mainstream segment, while they do not.

Eight core Coffee Lake Processor Finally Spotted?

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