Dual GPU AMD Radeon R9 Fury X2 In Circulation ?

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Interesting, Johan Andersson from DICE posted a tweet with the text "Dat feeling when your just arrived closed liquid cooling pre-release GPU turns out to not be so closed after all" and a photo of leaked coolant. Now that leaking info is not so relevant, but the fact that he mentions a pre-release card that obviously has liquid cooling, does.

Johan Andersson from DICE always (the guys at WCCFtech noticed Johan Andersson posting this tweet) has been close with AMD, and in fact turned up at AMD several press events in the past. It has been speculated for a long time now that AMD will be releasing a dual-GPU Fiji XT based graphics card. In fact they already mentioned and even showed it, it's code-name is called GEMINI. From this point on-wards, things will get speculative as we can only speculate that the card has to be GEMINI:

Photo Anshel Sag (Twitter) 

It was already mentioned that the release of the Dual Fiji XT graphics card would still be on target for this year. In fact it was caught being shipped as it turned up in an India based courier service. The code-name that was spotted is "Fiji Gemini", and we need to mention here that "Gemini" has been used by AMD before to indicate a dual-GPU product.

The origin country was Canada, yep the home-base of AMD's Radeon group. The earlier photos however indicate two 8-pin PCI Express power connectors and thus an allowance up-to 375 Watt (which honestly is not bad).

  AMD Radeon R9 Fury X AMD Radeon R9 Fury X AMD Radeon R9 Nano AMD Radeon R9 390X
Fabrication Process 28nm 28nm 28nm 28nm
GPU Fiji XT x2 Fiji XT Fiji XT Hawaii / Grenada
Streaming Processors 2x 4096 4096 4096 2816
Graphics memory 2x 4 GB HBM 4 GB HBM 4 GB HBM 8 GB GDDR5
Memory Clock up-to 500 MHz / 1.0 Gbps up-to 500 MHz / 1.0 Gbps up-to 500 MHz / 1.0 Gbps 6.0 Gbps
Core Clock 1050 MHz 1050 MHz up-to 1000 MHz 1050 MHz
Memory Bandwidth up-to 512 GB/s up-to 512 GB/s up-to 512 GB/s 384 GB/s
Power Connectors 2 x 8-pin 2 x 8-pin 1 x 8-pin 1 x 6-pin - 1 x 8-pin
Form Factor Full Height, Dual slot Full Height, Dual slot Full Height, Dual slot Full Height, Dual slot
Freesync  Yes Yes Yes Yes
DirectX 12 Support  Yes Yes Yes Yes

These small bits of info do indicate that a launch could be imminent.Now the Fury X pushes8.6 TFLOPS of performance, that means a dual-GPU version of it would offer over 16 TFLOPs of single precision performance. And yes a dual-GPU Fiji would have 8 GB HBM1 graphics memory with a whopping 8192 stream processors.

If all this is to be true, it will be interesting to learn how AMD will deal with Crossfire. In the past the two chips have been internally bridges with a PLX switch chip, we do expect something similar (update looking at the photo you can see the PLX chip). With AMDs new XDMA Crossfire, it might actually run though the PLX created lanes over an internal PCI-Express bus.

The PCB photos are old though, they are early prototype / enigneering samples from last summer. We expect a change or two alright. None the less. such a card would kick massive proverbial azzz. To be announced in December ? We'll see and we hope so. 

Dual GPU AMD Radeon R9 Fury X2 In Circulation ?

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