Digital Storm Launches Aventum 3 Gaming Desktop

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Digital Storm is proud to announce the launch of the new AVENTUM 3. Originally unveiled at CES 2015, this enthusiast class PC raises the bar for custom high-performance PCs. Featuring a custom liquid delivery system and pre-routed power for graphics cards, this is their most advanced PC to date.

"AVENTUM 3 encompasses everything about the Digital Storm brand and demonstrates our commitment to building the best PCs in the world," said Harjit Chana, Chief Operating Officer. "This system is our declaration that a PC does not have to be just the sum of its parts. We designed the AVENTUM 3 from the ground up with a focus on unmatched accessibility and modularity that can't be found anywhere else."


The AVENTUM 3's advanced liquid cooling system dramatically simplifies servicing and upgrading of liquid-cooled components. For the first time, enthusiasts can easily access fixed inlet & outlet ports located on the motherboard and quickly disconnect liquid cooled hardware without having to tear down the entire cooling system. This is made possible by AVENTUM 3's unique, pre-routed liquid distribution system that does all the heavy lifting and requires zero modifications when new liquid-cooled graphics hardware is installed. This cooling system is completed with a custom proprietary water block designed by Digital Storm engineers and produced by EKWB.

A new power delivery system eliminates the need to rewire every time new graphics hardware is upgraded or replaced by utilizing custom engineered, Digital Storm exclusive plug-and-play power connectors. These connectors make it a simple task to add or remove power-hungry graphics cards while still maintaining clean cable management.

Unlike other enthusiast class computers, the AVENTUM 3 eliminates interior heat build-up with strategic radiator placement & specialized exhaust chamber technology. Excess heat generated by liquid cooled components is trapped in an isolated chamber and then vented out the rear of the chassis, safeguarding the system's critical components.

AVENTUM 3 features a stunning exterior to match its smart internal design. The full-size tower is crafted from steel & made in the U.S.A. with perforated panelling for maximum heat dissipation. The subtle lighting and clear sides showcase the system's powerful interior and clean aesthetic.

AVENTUM 3 is available at DigitalStorm, and starts at $4,930.

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