Diatec introduces the Majestouch 2S Metal SUS mechanical keyboard in stainless steel

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It doesn't look very comfortable on the arms being cold. But hey, Specifically designed as a tribute to commemorate 30 years after the first introduction of the FILCO mechanical keyboard, Diatec has developed the "Majestouch 2S Metal SUS" line of mechanical keyboards with an all-stainless steel housing.

 Limited quantities are available through the direct sales website "FILCO Direct," and reservations will be accepted beginning today and shipped on October 12. This product is a reissue of the "Majes Touch Metal" product line, which was first introduced 15 years ago. When compared to the previous model, which was a combination of an aluminum top plate and a steel case, the new model is made entirely of stainless steel.

A keyboard board structure in which the entire keyboard board is supported by a steel chassis and fixed to a stainless steel undercase that is 1.6 mm thick. When folded, the top plate can be used as a wrist rest. It is composed of 2 mm thick stainless steel (SUS304HL), which has been extended by approximately 20 mm in length and bent to better fit. The total weight is approximately 4.4 kg, and the very rigid and hefty body receives the impact and vibration at the time of keystroke, allowing the features of the CHERRY MX switch to be optimized to the greatest extent possible. Using the "Majestouch 2" keyboard series as a foundation, a lineup of 108-key Japanese layouts and 104-key English layouts are available. The keyboard is available in black or white. You can choose between the Japanese layout and the English layout depending on which model you have. The Japanese layout is available on the CHERRY MX brown axis / MX red axis / MX Speed equipped model; the English layout is available on the CHERRY MX brown axis / MX red axis / MX Speed equipped model. The keycaps in both instances are two-color molded caps.

450mm in width, 220mm in-depth, and 50 in height are the external dimensions of this item. The height of the top plate at the back can be altered in the range of 52 to 67 mm by adjusting the adjustable foot on the bottom. The connecting interface is USB, and the PS / 2 connection is supported through the conversion adapter that comes with the device.

As an additional product purchase opportunity, a customized wrist rest mat will be made available to participants. In addition, as a pre-order privilege until 8:59 on October 12, an optional leg part "MM BASE Kit" (equivalent to 2,750 yen including tax) that can be screwed to the back of the keyboard will be presented. It is yours for 289 USD.

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