Denuvo to be removed from Metro Exodus as well

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Developer 4A Games will remove the Denuvo DRM application from Metro Exodus. Denuvos latest revision was already hacked a week after the release of the game but has remained until now. Denuvo disappears from the versions on Steam, the Epic Games Store, and Xbox Game Pass.

We are pleased to let you know that the latest hotfix for Metro Exodus has now been deployed. This includes Denuvo removal, filter fix for Sam's Story and Epic save backups. We thank you for your patience during the wait for this update. The hotfix for Stadia users will follow, stay tuned for updates.

Hotfix notes are as follows:

  • Removed Denuvo from Steam, Epic, Xbox PC Gamepass versions.
  • Fixed the rapidly discharging filter issue in Sam’s Story on all platforms (extreme timer depletion in fog).
  • This fixes the filter issue just after getting the boat from the humanimal hunter lair and proceeding into the fog beyond. Filters depleting quickly in the high rad zone near the sub base without the proper hazmat suit from the fire depot, is by design.
  • Added save backup functionality for guru version in case of cloud save malfunction.
  • Browse to the default save folder to find a “.backup” folder.
  • Fixed camera rotation issue with latest Nvidia Ansel update.
  • Fixed various crashes.

If you have any further technical issues, please visit so we can assist.

Denuvo to be removed from Metro Exodus as well

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