Creative Labs charges maintenance fee for rebate

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Creative Labs has found a great new way to minimize the risk that a customer will actually benefit from a rebate offer. In Rick's case, they sent him the rebate in the form of a $10 debit card that was supposed to be good until July 2009, but when he went to a Best Buy to use it last month, it was denied. The reason? He'd been charged a $3 "maintenance fee" every month since January.

He writes, "Come on, why print on the card that it expires in July 2009 when it couldn't possibly last beyond April 2009? I guess I'm lucky, at least I haven't gotten a bill for ongoing card maintenance. Anyway, that's the last item I ever buy from Creative Labs, I hope the rebate tactic was worth losing a customer."

If you take advantage of a Creative Labs rebate, use it immediately. Or better yet, don't take the bait the next time Creative dangles a rebate offer in front of you. They're not kidding about it being a "Creative rebate." [via consumerist].


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