Corsair Bulldog Back in Black

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Last June Corsair unveiled a prototype of Bulldogg, a powerful gaming platform that packs the sheer performance of a full-size desktop gaming PC into a gorgeous new all-black, whisper-quiet console chassis designed for the living room. 

Today at PAX Prime, Corsair is revealing the refined Bulldog production version that will ship in the 2015 holiday season.Bulldog DIY kit harnesses exclusive small form factor Corsair components and cooling technology that form the core of a 4K ready gaming PC a sleek, highly-vented console-sized chassis, an ultra-efficient SFX power supply, and twin compact liquid CPU and GPU coolers all integrateed with a mini-ITX motherboard. Simply add a 6th generation Intel Core processor, memory, graphics card, storage and Windows or SteamOS for an incredible living room experience unmatched by any console or set top box.

Corsair’s proprietary liquid cooling technology makes it possible to overclock both the CPU and graphics card, allowing Bulldog to render silky smooth 4K graphics faster and quieter than conventional PCs. An included Corsair Hydro Series H5 SF liquid cooling block and radiator cools the CPU. Liquid cooled GeForce® GTX 980 Ti graphics cards, developed by Corsair and MSI, will be available separately from in the US. In addition, Corsair will sell a liquid cooling kit for graphics cards, comprised of an HG10 cooling bracket and Hydro Series H55 liquid cooler, for users that want to upgrade their existing graphics card.

The initial release of Bulldog is designed with PC do-it-yourselfers in mind, with a builder-friendly layout and tool-free features, and uses standard mini-ITX motherboards and SFX12V PSUs for future-proof upgradeability enabling users to keep pace as games and hardware evolve. The Bulldog DIY kit includes the chassis, power supply, CPU cooler, and motherboard, will be available at year-end at a suggested price of $399 USD.

Bulldog Back in Black and Ready for Production

Corsair has refined and fine-tuned Bulldog since the unveiling of the prototype in June. The chassis, now all black, sports an elegant high-gloss face that compliments any room, and is built from steel and polymer with stronger, compact legs for a cleaner look and increased stability. The ventilation and component are further optimized to improve airflow for even cooler, quieter operation.

Bulldog Features:

  • Bulldog DIY kits:
    • Bulldog chassis - Highly ventilated, stylish, compact console design enhances living spaces and keeps PC components cool and quiet
    • 600 watt SFX power supply - Highly-efficient, cool and quiet in standard form factor
    • Hydro Series H5SF small form factor liquid CPU cooler - Quietly cools the fastest CPUs while exhausting heat from the chassis.
    • Mini-ITX motherboard
      • Intel® Z170 chipset with support for 6th generation Intel Core processor
      • PCI Express 3.0 16x slot
      • 2 memory slots with support for 32GB of DDR4 at 2400MHz+
      • USB 3.0 and SATA ports
      • 7.1 channel audio, via S/PDIF optical or 3 analog ports
      • Gigabit Ethernet, WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, and Bluetooth 4.1
    • MSRP: $399 USD (available late 2015)

Bulldog will be available at the end of 2015

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