Computex 2017: Lian-Li To Offer a Raw Copper Liquid Cooling Kit

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So yes, this is a bit of an exclusive first. A RAW copper radiator, when you see the photo you'll understand what I mean. Basically Lian-Li will re-brand a LCS solution from Cinsys. The company (according to Lian-Li) offers an new cooling solution based on a 240mm rad with embedded pump (which will make the CPU cooling block thinner).

Combined with nice thick tubing and a proper copper nickel plated water-block things already look nice. However the funky thing is that the radiator will remain as you see it on the photos, raw and pure copper. And after all the years of all black, I somehow seriously seem to like that look.

One issue though, over time that copper will age and slowly discolor itself. But even that gives a proper build that bit of a steam-punk feel I guess. I dunno man, this unit might become a hit for Lian-Li, they might be on to something here alright. In the upcoming months you'll hear more about this product series. We do hop to see other capacity versions as well like perhaps maybe a 360mm triple fan radiator.

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