Computex 2017: Cooler Master Office and CM Store visit

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Cooler Master this year has invited a number of people from the media to their Taiwan based office, in this news item a tour of the facility. Cooler Master was founded in 1992 (yes 25th anniversary) and employs many people worldwide. In this item we peek at the all new CM Store, located inside the Taiwan based Cooler Master HQ.

The Cooler Master HQ is based in Taipei, Taiwan there are multiple branch offices around the globe including some in Europe HQ in Netherlands, Shanghai China and this Taiwan.

So the offices recently have been revamped a little, and you will have guessed it already. It’s all mostly in the recognizable CM Maker style, color and theme. Fairly new is a twofold of concepts introduced. It is a bit of a trial run but located right next to the office is the new CM Store. Literally the people in Taiwan can come to the store to select components, purchase them but also assemble them. CM staff is on standby and will assist when and if needed. Cooler Master also is offering many kinds of customization for the end-user. So you could walk away with your all customized and very personal PC here. In this facility you could have your bezel foil wrapped, there is a 3D printer available to you can make things your own. Even laser etch / CNC equipment is present so that a modder that would like to brand and customize his or her project, can realize that here in the CM Store (at a rental price for the machine billed per hour I think it was).

The concept of selling in an own themed maker store felt a little like what Apple is doing in their stores. If the CM store is a success, CM might expand this idea to other branches in the world. For now the unit is open and fully functional for customers. The idea obviously is to get the end-user closer to the company, all this to get that relationship in-between a brand like CM and consumer.

All the way in the backside of the store there is another room. You’ll spot workbenches. This functions as a meeting room right now, but here again CM is thinking wider and more diverse in an attempt to reach out towards other companies and end users. Cooler Master is planning  to make this a bit of a social location where they could be organizing LAN events, Streaming events but also the more simpler stuff, creating a facility where end-users could record an unboxing, or make your own mod video which they can place on say youtube. It is an interesting concept. The CM Event room would probably be the right name for this concept.

There are lots of offices in the building, here in the HQ ideas for all their products simply start out as drawn concepts, they end up in the computer as CAD design and from there onwards go to prototype mockup-builds, And there the discussion starts on if it is a viable design, would it life up towards needs, requirement and from there on could go into production. It’s not just design office. There is sales, logistics, marketing, human resources and many public relation activities like social media. The office also houses a large and extensive test lab for power supplies, coolers and what not. I noticed ovens, presses, heat boxes, chroma load testers and so forth. Unfortunately I did not get permission to photograph any of it, including the physical offices where the employees work. So the photos you see are merely the CM store and the event room. Have a peek at the photos below as there is quite a bit of fun stuff to observe and see.

In closing of this article I wanted to quickly thank specifically Cooler Master, as you guys have clearly noticed. This year Computex was brought to you in association with Cooler Master. To the entire CM team, from Guru3D we want to thank you guys very much. It was a great week. Rest assured that our Computex coverage does not stop with this article, we still have plenty posts and news-items in the pipeline. 

These two camera entrapped fellows are Bram and Joost from Cooler Master Netherlands, at the entry of the Cooler Master HQ / Offices and CM Store. 

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