Computex 2011 - AData shows Cache SSDs memory and storage

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Adata the company know for their storage technologies best had a massive booth at Computex this year. On demo where a lot off products, the hot stuff amongst it where the S511 Sate 6G SSD drives. These puppies run incredible speeds in the 500MB/sec range thanks to SandForce 2200 series controllers.

They where showing their PSU line, traditional their memory line with for example the Plus series revsision 2.0 1600 MHz DDR3 DIMM modules but also a new XPG series of quad DIMM memory kit of modules at 1333 MHZ at 8GB a piece, that's 24 gigs my man, check out the photo's on that, very cool stuff.

Extremely impressive it the USB 3.0 FLASH N005 PRO storage unit with multiple data channels, the little 64Gb stick runs 100 to 130MB/sec, not bad for a USB 3.0 storage unit alright. You'll also notice some HDD enclosures. Last but not least, Gigabyte has announced a full line-up of future Z68-based motherboards that will include an onboard mSATA connection, enabling you to plug a small SSD directly into the motherboard.

ADATA is going to sell these cute little storage cache SSDs that you can use as Intel Smart response technology (please read our Z68 review on that). The XM13 SSD Cache units should be priced aggressively on the market, perhaps even bundled with Gigabyte's motherboard. The storage unit will get SLC based memory so its fast and very durable. Have a peek at the photo's we took over here.

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