Coffee Lake: Intel Going for 6 Cores Processors on Laptops

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Some documentation has leaked onto the web is reconfirming that intel is preparing 6-core processors intended for the laptop segment. The 14nm processors are developed under codename Coffee Lake.

Basically following Kaby Lake to release there will be a fourth generation processor series fabbed on the 14nm production process called Coffee Lake (a refresh of Skylake). It does make sense as Intel over a year ago announced to abandon its tick-tock model, which alternately introduced a new architecture and a new production process. Basically Intel will use whatever fab process works out the best for them practially and economically aimed at a certain target area. So there will be a fourth generation 14nm product series, in the form of Coffee Lake.

It'll be a while before you'll actually see laptops fitted with them as the leaked slide indicates that to be in Q2 2018 release date wise. These processors have a 45 Watt TDP. Next to more cores these processors might get an improved GT3e graphics processor, at least we know that to be for sure on the 4 and 2 core models.

MicroarchitectureCPU seriesTick or TockCycleFab nodeYear Released
Presler/Cedar Mill Pentium 4 / D Tick   65 nm 2006
Conroe/Merom Core 2 Duo/Quad Tock   65 nm 2006
Penryn Core 2 Duo/Quad Tick   45 nm 2007
Nehalem Core i Tock   45 nm 2008
Westmere Core i Tick   32 nm 2010
Sandy Bridge Core i 2xxx Tock   32 nm 2011
Ivy Bridge Core i 3xxx Tick   22 nm 2012
Haswell Core i 4xxx Tock   22 nm 2013
Broadwell Core i 5xxx Tick Process 14 nm 2014 & 2015 for desktops
Skylake Core i 6xxx Tock Architecture 14 nm 2016
Kaby lake  Core i 7xxx Tock Optimization 14 nm 2017
Coffee Lake Core i 7xxx Tock Optimization 14 nm 2018
Cannonlake Core i 8xxx? Tick Process 10 nm 2018
Icelake Core i 8xxx? Tock Architecture 10 nm 2019
Tiger Lake Core i 9xxx? Tock Optimization 10 nm 2020
tba tba Tick Process 7 nm 2020

Have a peek at the new roadmap that leaked, clock on the thumbneail below.

Coffee Lake: Intel Going for 6 Cores Processors on Laptops

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