Clocks and memory new Radeon cards leaked

Graphics Cards 1673 Published by ImageAMD's ATIĀ  'RV730' and 'RV710' are codenames of low- and mid-end Radeon HD 4000 products which are pending a launch. Some information on their specifications have been leaked onto the web. The acquired information tells us more about memory configurations of cards based on these GPUs. The new data partially confirms and specifies the previous information.

The RV710-based Radeon HD 4450 and 4470 cards will be available with GDDR3 memory operating at 800 MHz. The first will feature 512 MB by Hynix, the second - 1 GB by Samsung. GPU clock rates of HD 4450 and HD 4470 will differ as well. No 256 MB cards based on RV710 GPU will be released, the source claims.

The RV730 GPU will be featured in more graphics cards, with three different memory clock rates and two memory volumes:

  • 700 MHz, 512 MB,
  • 900 MHz, 512 MB by Hynix,
  • 900 MHz, 1 GB MB by Samsung,
  • 1,000 MHz, 512 MB by Hynix.

Supposedly, Radeon HD 4650 will have 700 MHz memory, while the remaining three will be modifications of Radeon HD 4670.

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