CeBIT 2011 - Enermax

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Always good for new gear at any tradeshow is Enermax. Enermax launches their MaxRevo PSUs, extremely high-quality, extremely high wattage .. and sure .. they will probably also be extremely expensive. Available in 1200 / 1350 and 1500W sizes these puppies reach a 94% Efficiency at 230V, though Gold certification level.

Enermax also revealed its prototype EXX900, which has already achieved the coveted 80 PLUS Platinum certification. Another topic of this year's CeBIT was the new EU norm ErP Lot 6, which have a review ready on scheduled in the next two weeks.

Enermax presented  its revolutionary prototype PSU as well, the EXX900, that already complies with the requirements of the 80 PLUS Platinum certification. Its technical design is the basis for the development of forthcoming Enermax PSU generations.

On the chassis side of things there have been some refreshes as well. You'll spot the new Hoplite, ECA5020 Full Tower which is a really nice prototype and then there is the new SpineREX chassis, an ATX full tower as well with some pretty decent aesthetics.

Enermax is entering the CPU cooler market as well this year, they will come out with some patented designs that show promising airflow and this top notch cooler. The pictures you will see are based on prototypes, none of them have final names and specs. They sure do look great though. One of the coolers even has 10mm (!) thick heatpipes.

Check out the full photo gallery here.

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