Both Custom and Founder Graphics GeForce 3000 cards Launch Simultaneously

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As the topic title says, word out on the cyber street is that custom (AIB) and NVIDIA Founder Graphics GeForce 3000 cards would launch simultaneously.

It has to be stated that this is based on chatter on the web, so take the news with a bit of care. Historically NVIDIA has been launching founder cards first, and then a few weeks later the AIB/AIC's (board partners) could launch their revised models with all the improvements they added. It's, however not confirmed.

From the looks of things we'll get a bit of a teaser on August the 31st, official announcements on September the 9th, the 17th the actual release. It has to be stated though, it's NVIDIA and just based on all the media news with semi-confirmed launch dates, for kicks and giggles they could just shuffle it up a little here and there.

Since we now have three dates I could throw in another argument, August the 31st announcements, September the 9th release and founder card reviews and the 17th AIB availability. That's just a thought though. But it is safe to say that early September you all get to learn all you want to know about the new Ampere based graphics cards.

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