BeQuiet to Launch some more Dark Powah !

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Okay that title sounded better in my head opposed to how that turned out. BeQuiet! is to release the Dark Power Pro 11 series power supplies soon, it's even more silent and the product series are bumping up in efficiency quite a bit towards Platinum.

Next to a bump in efficiency the new Dark Power Pro 11 power supply have a new tric, the design allows you to switch (with a overclock locking Key) in-between a single and multi-rail design. Now personally I say give me a single rail anytime of the day, but if you want a choice and prefer multi-rails, go for it we say. Efficincy wise anno 2015 things just do not matter that much anymore. The 1000 Watt PSU as shown below will get the royal 80 Plus Platinum certification meaning at 50% load this puppy is 95% efficient. 

The photo's below show the unit, you can select 4 rails up-to 32 to 40 amps with a total of 83 amps. There will be a multitude of connectors, but also four 3-pin fan connectors. The PSU fan is 135mm and will get the new Silent Wings revision 3. To make the product even more silent it will be delivered with a rubberized bracket to prevent sound resonating and vibration. The Be quiet! Dark Power Pro 11 series will become available in 850 to 1200 Watt models initially, later this year you will also see 550 and 750 Watt models with the same Platinum certification and sound dampening features. Expect prices to start at 150 EURO running up-to 290 EURO for the enthusiast SKUs.

Dark Power Pro 11 - More efficient and more silent
  • All models are 80PLUS Platinum now / Topology: LLC + SR + DC/DC
  • Equipped with 105°C Japanese caps 
  • 550, 650, 750, 850, 1000 and 1200 Watt
More silent:
  • Silent Wings 3, 135mm, FDB bearing, 6 Pole Motor
  • Bigger air intake
  • Funel shaped fan opening
  • Rubber between Fan
  • Rubber around psu case (between Case when mounted to prevent any vibration))
  • 4 case fans can be connected and controlled by the PSU
  • Overclocking Key lets you manually switch between single rail and multi rail
  • 5 years warranty
  • Split launch: 850 Watt - 1200 Watt in May / 550 - 750 Watt in July
  • Prices: from 154 Euro for the 550 Watt version up to 289 Euro for the 1200 Watt version

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