ASUSTOR to Bring 61 series NAS to Computex 2015

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At Computex 2015 in Taipei, ASUSTOR will be exhibiting a range of cloud storage devices designed for personal and enterprise use along with its newest models, the prosumer and enterprise targeted 61 series and eye-catching diamond-plate finished entry-level 1 series devices.

ASUSTOR will be showcasing a range of cloud storage devices designed for both enterprise and home use including its 2, 3, 5, and 7 series rackmount and tower model devices which are all powered by the newest generation of Intel® processors, and the soon to be released 61 series and 10 series. Additionally, ASUSTOR will also be exhibiting the newest version of its ADM operating system which features newly enhanced functionality including a more flexible local backup function, a practical virtual machine monitor App, a more powerful multimedia streaming experience, added convenience for remote access from mobile devices, and strengthened cloud surveillance applications. All users and interested parties are sincerely invited to visit ASUSTOR in order to experience the unlimited possibilities of NAS technology and latest innovative concepts firsthand.

ASUSTOR 61 Series: This series utilizes the newest high performance Intel®Braswell processors and includes the AS6102T and AS6104T models which feature 2 and 4 disk bays respectively. Both devices also come equipped with 2 high speed Ethernet ports, 4GB of built-in memory that can be upgraded to a maximum of 8GB and multiple hardware expansion ports. Compared with its previous generation, the 61 series devices feature superior transfer performance, providing for smoother multitasking. Additional support for 4K/2K high resolution video output make the 61 series devices a topflight cloud storage product for both small businesses and prosumers.

ASUSTOR 10 Series: ASUSTOR will be unveiling a brand new entry-level model for the first time, the 10 series. The 10 series was created for the price conscious consumer and features a Marvell platform, eye catching diamond-plate finish on the exterior, practical cloud storage functionality and an attractive price point, making it a must-have for users new to personal cloud storage.

About ADM 2.4

ASUSTOR Data Master (ADM) is an operating system developed by ASUSTOR Inc. that comes pre-installed with all ASUSTOR NAS devices. ADM was designed around the use of Apps and its original web-based graphical user interface provides users with an intuitive and customizable user experience. In regards to the goal of providing a PC-less user experience, integrated HDMI local output and user-friendly mobile apps, allow users of all levels to easily create a unique cloud storage space that centralizes the storage, backup and sharing of all digital files.

The latest version of ADM (ADM 2.4) features significantly enhanced core functionality such as newly added support for the SNMP protocol that increases network management convenience, flexible remote access management via the Geo IP expansion module, an enhanced shared folder encryption mechanism, and newly added preview function to play video, audio and images in File Explorer. Furthermore, with regards to backup and restore functionality, a local backup option has been added, allowing users to create even more flexible scheduled backup jobs for data on their NAS.In App Central, ASUSTOR will be releasing new versions of SoundsGood, Photo Gallery and Surveillance Center. Users will be able to enjoy more user-friendly interfaces and new functions such as video playback support and support for the Raw image format in Photo Gallery and added support for up to 40 different camera channels in Surveillance Center along with user-defined permissions management rules that effectively manage resource allocation and provide for safer access management. Additionally, App Central also adds the OneDrive and Syslog Server Apps that users can install according to their needs. Visitors to Computex will also be able to experience ASUSTOR’s array of mobile apps first-hand. These mobile apps include powerful NAS management app AiMaster and AiVideos with Chromecast integration that allows for the streaming of videos to bigger monitors and TVs.

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