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Have a sneak peek what just arrived at the Guru3D labs today, meet the Maximus III Extreme edition. The P55-based board, which falls into the growing Republic of Gamers lineup, adds a new feature to the existing ROG Connect overclocking system: Bluetooth control. You heard right -- ASUS enables users to tweak system settings wirelessly over Bluetooth via a mobile phone.

More specifically, RC Bluetooth allows users to "review the status of their systems' hardware and tweak parameters wirelessly from a Bluetooth-enabled PDA phone," with examples like controlling music playback and dealing with Skype conversations given.

ROG Connect feature allows users to connect their systems to a netbook, notebook, or a PC via USB cable, and can be used to change BIOS settings and monitor temperatures remotely. The feature allows users to change BIOS settings and options even when the ROG-powered PC is switched off. According to Asus, updating the BIOS remotely using another PC apparently eliminates the potential of bricking a motherboard due to a corrupt BIOS.

The rest of the specifications of the ATX form factor Maximus III extreme will endear itself to PC enthusiasts and gamers. It supports a maximum of 16GB DDR3 memory, and has 5 x PCIe x16 slots: which supports single, dual, triple, and quad graphics card configurations, and supports both nVidia

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