Asus has the largest high-end Intel motherboard share

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Good news for ASUS, their high-end motherboard segment seems to be the best selling one in China, Europe and the US combined, the number now sits at 60% followed by Gigabyte. 

Sources from Digitmes pointed out that Gigabyte's competitiveness turned weak in 2016 because of component price hikes, currency fluctuations and China's dropping motherboard demand. The company also recently launched a business reform to integrate its resources, businesses and product lines:

Since the business reform may take as long as one year, the sources believe Gigabyte's performance will continue to be undermined, allowing Asustek to dominate the market in early 2018. The sources pointed out that Asustek has changed its business strategy for the past couple of years and instead of allowing itself to engage in a price war, the vendor has been focusing on improving its brand image, product designs and quality to boost demand from mid-range to high-end consumer groups.



As for specific platforms, Asustek gained a 70% share in the X299-based motherboard sector with its newly released ROG, Prime and TUF series, while the vendor also acquired a 70% share in AMD's Ryzen platform. With Intel releasing its Coffee Lake-based desktop processors in October and the coming of the high season, the sources believe Asustek's brand motherboard shipments may reach five million units in the fourth quarter of 2017.

Asus has the largest high-end Intel motherboard share

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